Education by ML-CIG

Our members lead several courses at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague. The courses cover topics of our basic research in computational intelligence as well as applications in data mining. We also provide lectures in programming and hardware oriented courses and simulations.

Beside the course, we recruit many students to became members of our group in case to solve a topic and write an interesting diploma or bachelor thesis about it. Many of the assignments can be solved during a semestral course. This oportunity helps us to push the science forward as well as joining teaching and science together. Please check out our assignment topics and contact us if you find them interesting.

Our courses at Czech Technical University

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Information Technology

Knowledge engineering bachelor programme:

  • Introduction to data mining
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence

Knowledge engineering master programme:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Data mining algorithms
  • Data preprocessing
  • Knowledge discovery form databases
  • Computational intelligence methods